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Transforming Data Insights


At SWIXS AG, we transform industries through cutting-edge predictive analytics and data-driven solutions. Our key projects include optimizing passenger flows at Zurich Airport and enhancing tourism management with advanced predictive analytics. Each initiative demonstrates our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustainable growth.

Explore our portfolio to see how our innovative solutions have transformed operations and driven success for our clients. Discover the measurable impact we've made across various industries through our advanced analytics and strategic insights.

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Discover how SWIXS AG is making a significant difference across multiple industries. Our advanced predictive analytics and innovative solutions have enhanced operational efficiency, improved decision-making, and driven sustainable growth in sectors such as aviation, tourism, and more.




03  /  06  /  2024

SWIXS has been awarded the first check as part of the Innovation Booster "Co-Designing Human Services" initiative, supporting our Family Well-being Initiative.


08  /  01  /  2024

SWIXS AG has entered into a strategic regional partnership and shared offices with Impact Gstaad to drive sustainable growth and innovation in the region.


02  /  06  /  2023

SWIXS successfully deployed an advanced deep learning forecasting engine at Zurich Airport, optimizing passenger flows and workforce scheduling.
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